MIGRATION: Place & Sense of Belonging Migration is ‘forced’ or ‘voluntary’ is a general term describing the movement of people from one area to another. Geography we live in has been given the name “cradle of civilization” due to its witnessing many migrations througout history. It is worth mentioning that the migration today is mostly forced rather than voluntary or by natural causes and its impact on societies, cultures in various geographies is significant and unavoidable. Thus the subject is also in the field of interest of art and design. What do we think of the concepts of residency and mobility based on our life experiences? How do the interaction of the cultures affect art, design, and science? We, as the Faculty of Fine Arts/Dokuz Eylul University are organizing a congress which will give us the chance to focus on the concept of “place and “belonging” in terms of analyzing the detailed aspects of “Migration”. Our objective is to discuss the concept of “migration” which has been transforming all our lives by applying various artistic and scientific perspectives in order to achieve productive results and contribute to new ideas and strategies. We intend to get the attention of scholars and researchers to the artistic and scientific reflections on migration or vice versa by creating a free and encouraging discussion forum beyond political rhetoric and discourse. We plan to provide a platform for academic essays, articles, and exhibitions on the subject and gather everyone in world of art, design and science. Congresses are the venues for production of knowledge and sharing information. They serve as an exciting learning process for students as well as a valuable ground for the scholars, artists and the designers. With the valuable contributions of the participants, this artistic and scientific event is an opportunity for capturing the current points of view on the the subject of “migration” through concept of place and belonging. We, as the Faculty of Fine Arts/Dokuz Eylul University would like to call on everyone who has something to say in this framework on both national and international level.